Ten hottest hip hop videos: November 2020

Our favorite picks this month include Lil Nas X, Yung Baby Tate and Bad Bunny.

Another month, another roundup of the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past four weeks. Here are our picks for the November edition:

“Holiday” by Lil Nas X

Leave it to “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X to raise the bar on festive releases. The visual for “Holiday” indulges Lil Nas’ love for over-the-top set pieces (and penchant for playing mythical figures), starring the rapper as a futuristic Santa Claus putting his army of robots to work on toy assembly lines in a dystopian North Pole factory.

“Wildlings” by Tobe Nwigwe, EarthGang’s Olu, Duckwrth


Tobe Nwigwe has been dropping artful visuals for tracks from his Cincoriginals project, including “Wildlings” featuring EarthGang’s Olu and DuckWrth. This fresh clip is all about shades of mint green, with the rappers—and Nwigwe’s baby daughter—joining an all-female troupe of dancers in various eye-catching crowd formations, before they all let loose for a dance party at the end.

“Blind” by DaBaby, Young Thug

DaBaby gets upstaged in the video for “Blind”—and it’s his own fault. The rapper invites his 90-year-old “grandpa” to the shoot for his new music video as a birthday treat, only to have the nonagenarian blunder around the set while enjoying the company of video vixens. Guest artist Young Thug appears too, but mercifully stays out of grandpa’s way.

“Headass (Idiot Shinji)” by Open Mike Eagle


Rapper/comedian Open Mike Eagle knows not everyone might comprehend the title of his single “Headass (Idiot Shinji).” So to prevent any confusion, he’s framed his music video as a literal explainer of the word “headass,” which means he and guest Video Dave spend most of the clip showing off impressive headpieces that look like a butt.

“Body” by Megan Thee Stallion

From the bold outfits to the hypnotizing choreography to the futuristic sets, there’s a lot going on in Megan Thee Stallion’s eye-popping visual for “Body,” so you’ll be forgiven if you missed out on several details. The cameo-heavy clip features surprise appearances from a slew of models and rap stars, including Taraji P Henson, Blac Chyna, Jordyn Woods, Maliibu Miitch, Asian da Brat, Tabria Majors and Bernice Burgos.

“NHS” by slowthai

slowthai’s tribute to England’s National Health Service arrived alongside a visual that pokes fun at how the pandemic has overturned the state of the world. At one point in the video, the Northampton rapper dances atop a tower of toilet paper rolls, and in another, he whips out a measuring tape to put a distance between himself and the camera. But it isn’t all just fun and games: the song itself is also a heartfelt reminder to “appreciate what you have whilst you have it,” according to the rapper.

“Rainbow Cadillac” by Yung Baby Tate

Sadly, an actual rainbow Cadillac doesn’t make an appearance in Yung Baby Tate’s latest visual, but there are plenty of other fancy supercars to make up for that missed opportunity. The vibrant clip depicts the Georgia rapper and her girlfriends in an automobile repair store as they dance and twerk in matching rainbow tank tops. The fun continues later when Tate and co go joyriding down the streets.

“Spicy” by Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone

Ty Dolla $ign pays tribute to Westerns of old—while taking many creative licenses—in this video for “Spicy.” The clip, narrated by Snoop Dogg, begins with Ty Dolla $ign as a down-on-his-luck cowboy who’s been robbed and left for dead by a gang of his old rivals, who’ve kidnapped his lover to boot. He’s not worried though—why would you, if you’ve got a robot horse and a guitar that transforms into a missile launcher? Post Malone later makes a cameo during an unruly bar brawl, aiding Ty against the aforementioned gang.

“Yo Visto Así” by Bad Bunny

The release of Bad Bunny’s third album of the year, the hefty El Último Tour del Mundo, called for an equally show-stopping visual to accompany it. The video for “Yo Visto Así” more than delivered. The visual begins with the Puerto Rican rapper spitting his bars into the camera at a skate park, then moves to a glamorous photoshoot that’s also an excuse to cram as many celebrity friends as possible into the video, from Ricky Martin to Sofía Vergara. Benito ups the ante all the way till the track’s climax, rapping from inside a globe of death surrounded by speeding motorbikes, and in the middle of a stadium as fireworks erupt behind him.

“Errbody” by Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s video for “Errbody”—one of the two songs he surprise-released for his birthday last Friday—is a veritable action movie. The rapper takes the lyric “helicopter in the middle of the hood” and fleshes it out for the video’s concept, going from a ruthless chopper mission to a high-octane car chase and finally a stealthy infiltration of a rival’s home.

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