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Six hottest hip hop music videos: June 2018

Six hottest hip hop music videos: June 2018
Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Image: Sky Cinema / Shutterstock.com

It’s our favorite time of the month when we round up the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past month. Check out our list below:

1. The Carters’ “Apesh*t”

Only Beyoncé and Jay-Z have the power to shake up the internet and make fans go “Apesh*t.” Along with the release of their surprise joint album, the musical couple dropped their mesmerizing visual for the namesake track—and it’s a work of art. Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself.

2. Drake’s “I’m Upset”

If you’ve ever wondered what the class of Degrassi: The Next Generation might look like a decade later, check out Drake’s clip for “I’m Upset.” The 6 God returns to the fictional community school in his latest visual and reunites with his fellow cast members to party down the familiar high school hallways.

3. Pusha T’s “If You Know You Know”

Pusha T pairs his Daytona highlight with a simple yet intense, thought-provoking clip. What happened to the rapper at the end of the video? Did he manage to get away scot-free? Were the authorities just his hallucinations? Was that a gunshot at the end? So many questions…

4. Desiigner’s “Hood”

Desiigner pays homage to his hometown as he raps about singing Christmas carols with family and friends in the neighborhood—but the song and clip clearly have a more poignant subtext. “I’m tryin’ to see another day,” he sings over a clip of a young man running away from a shooting, capturing the darker side of living in the projects.

5. Jaden Smith’s “Ghost”

Nothing’s more ‘hype’ than Jaden Smith taking over the neon-drenched streets of Tokyo and tossing Monopoly money together with his squad, all in the latest designer threads. Stay #litty gang. Fun fact: J-idol Tomohisa Yamashita makes an appearance in the clip.

6. Kehlani and Saweetie’s “Icy Girl (remix)”

Kehlani and Saweetie flex diamond necklaces, show off their collection of supercars and make it rain in their collab effort. They’ve even got a sleek Hollywood mansion as their hangout—so we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a tiny bit jealous.

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