Hopsin drops ‘Bird Box’-themed MV for “You Should’ve Known”

Of course it was Hopsin everyone was afraid of.

Earlier this month, Hopsin told the world via Instagram that he was returning to the game with “more fire.” Yesterday, he made good on his promise with the video for “You Should’ve Known.”

“You Should’ve Known” rekindles the quintessential tortured genius-slash-dangerous lunatic vibe Hopsin loves. In the video, which mirrors the popular Netflix film Bird Box, Hopsin and featured artist DAX play crazed civilians who revel in the destruction, no blindfold in sight.

Hop’s loyal fans have been waiting patiently for some new beats to drop since his album No Shame came out in late 2017. After dropping a few singles last year, it looks like he’s picking up some proper momentum. Peep the video below:


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