Higher Brothers drop videos for new ‘Type-3’ EP

The Chinese hip hop crew's EP gets three millennial-friendly video treatments.

The Higher Brothers have dropped videos for their fresh four-track Type-3 EP. Released over the past week, the three videos each take on a distinct personality—much like the individual songs themselves.

When the Chinese hip hop crew dropped Type-3 last week, they surprised just about everyone. It wasn’t a collaborative effort. Instead, each of the four tracks starred only one member, who used the airtime to establish their creds and what they bring to the group. And the videos follow suit.

The first video, for “Nothing Wrong,” is all DZ Know. The track’s bouncy beats, smooth flow and catchy hooks are reflected in the colorful clip, complete with V A P O R W A V E aesthetics. Melo then changes up the vibe with his introspective “5:30AM” and its moody, backlit video, before the manic and bizarre visual for Psy.P’s “AD Milk” completes the trio. MaSiWei’s “Storm” cut doesn’t have a full-fledged one for now, but we’re hoping that changes soon.


Check out the videos here:


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