Hear XXXTentacion, Lil Peep’s posthumous collab “Falling Down”

The new track was put together after the two rappers passed away.

The specters of XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, two young rappers who passed away over the past year, are making the rounds on the internet in the form of a new single, “Falling Down.”

The John Cunningham-produced ‘collaboration,’ which was put together posthumously, features a guitar-driven melody over which Peep bares his emo influences: “Come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down / Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around,” he wails like a tattooed frontman of a pop punk band.

X joins in on the verse, but it’s his spoken interlude that will send shivers down your spine. “His name will live, brother. If I would have known he was so cool, and it’s like, yo, if I would have watched interviews sooner, bro, we were so alike.”


The track was initially titled “Sunlight on Your Skin,” and was meant to be a collab between Peep and ILoveMakonnen. But when X wrapped his ears around a snippet, after Peep had died, he wanted in.

“[X] ended up passing away, and his mom and his family were reaching out to Peep’s management and everybody [was] saying the song was something that [X] was very passionate about before he passed and he would really like to be a part of this and [asked] if we could make this happen,” ILoveMakonnen told XXL.

Listen to “Falling Down” here:


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