Hear Open Mike Eagle’s paranoid new song, “Whiskey and Push-Ups”

From the upcoming compilation by Chicago imprint Closed Sessions.

Chicago native and Los Angeles-based rapper Open Mike Eagle has released “Whiskey and Push-Ups.”

Mike delivers bars lines about his paranoia over a skittery trap-inspired beat, produced by BoatHouse. “My telephone is listening and tracking all my moves / I’m surrounded by my enemies and don’t know what to do / I got good news, I got eyewitness / I drink whiskey and then do push-ups,” he raps on the chorus

“The whole spirit that I jumped on when I walked [into the studio]… it just reminded me of the rapping I came up doing in Chicago and like the punchline-y shit, just like going for it,” Mike explained in a mini-documentary that chronicled the recording process. “That’s the part that’s fun. I’ve lost a little bit of connection to that, and that style of songwriting seems more conducive to writing in the studio because you’re just like, ‘This is just what I’m feeling right now.’”


“Whiskey and Push-Ups” will be included on Closed Sessions Vol 3, a compilation by Chicago hip hop label Closed Sessions. The record will also include contributions from Kemba, Kipp Stone, Mother Nature, Dave B and more.

Listen to “Whiskey and Push-Ups” below:


And watch the mini-documentary here:

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