Hear Lil Uzi Vert casually freestyle with his homies

“Might pop another tab / Wait! Lean? Swag.”

Here’s another freestyle from Lil Uzi Vert to kickstart your weekend.

Titled “Free Smooth,” the freestyle comes courtesy of videographer Jmoney1041, who’d previously uploaded another entertaining video from the same Dallas hotel room recording session with producers 10k Caash and D Smooth.

Sitting on a couch, Uzi’s more relaxed in this freestyle than he was in that first video, where he showed off his dance moves. You can almost see the gears grinding in his head before he tests his bars out on his assuredly supportive friends. The freestyle’s on the shorter side, and some of the lines just a little half-baked—but Uzi’s irrepressible sense of humor helps the bars land.


The Philly rapper who helped define a generation with “XO TOUR Llif3” is readying a new project titled Eternal Atake, which he’s been teasing with snippets on Instagram. While we wait for new material from Uzi, check out his “Free Smooth” freestyle below:

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