Hear Hook’s new EP, ‘I Love You 2, Hook’

The rapper reunites with frequent collaborator Nedarb.

Hook has released her second EP of the year, I Love You 2, Hook.

The California rapper goes at it on her own throughout the nine-track project, which features production from frequent collaborator Nedarb on “Imy” and “2night.” The EP is the follow-up to Hook’s Crashed My Car project, which arrived in February.

“Working with Ned, he drives me to want to keep writing,” Hook previously told The FADER. “He brought a whole bunch of new sounds to our music and I really got to experiment. He’s lowkey a mentor for me. I honestly had writer’s block when I met Ned. I felt like I didn’t really have any fun with what I was doing before.”

Stream I Love You 2, Hook below:



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