Hear G-Eazy’s new album, ‘Everything’s Strange Here’

Young Gerald tries something different.

After a brief delay, G-Eazy has finally released his latest album, Everything’s Strange Here.

On the ten-track record recorded during self-isolation, the Bay Area rapper branches into new sounds and genres, including synth pop (“Nostalgia Cycle”) and the psychedelia (“Free Porn, Cheap Drugs”). G-Eazy wrote on Instagram that the project is an “honest and pure” representation of his feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Eight weeks ago I didn’t know I needed to make this,” he said. “The world has been turned upside down and inside out- but a lot of us have had the fortunate opportunity to self-reflect, grow, and evolve. This project is a representation of where my heart and head have been at.”


Earlier this month, G-Eazy and Drew Love recruited JAHMED for a rework of their 2017 single, “Love is Gone.” The rapper also announced that all profits from merchandise sales for the next month from June 16 will go towards Campaign Zero, Colors of Change and the MBK Alliance.

Listen to Everything’s Strange Here below:

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