Hear CHIKA’s cover of Billie Eilish’s “My Future”

The Grammy-nominated rapper also shared a new version of “U Should.”

CHIKA has covered Billie Eilish’s “My Future” as part of Spotify’s ongoing Singles series.

Her rendition of the Eilish hit is part of Spotify’s content roll-out ahead of the upcoming 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, where this year’s Best New Artist nominees cover a song from previous contenders. Earlier this month, fellow nominee Phoebe Bridgers covered John Prine’s “Summer’s End” for the series.

“I picked ‘My Future’ by Billie Eilish as my cover for Spotify because the song is beautiful and presents an interesting opportunity to talk about where I am as an artist, especially on the heels of this nomination,” CHIKA said in a statement. “My present is moving so fast that each passing moment is practically the future already. And I’m in love with the ride I’m on.”


As part of her Spotify Singles release, CHIKA also unveiled a new version of her 2020 single, “U Should.” Last March, she released her major label debut EP Industry Games, and teamed up with Charlie Wilson for “Can’t Explain it” the year prior.

Listen to CHIKA’s Spotify Singles below:

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