Hear BRS Kash’s debut mixtape, ‘Kash Only’

Featuring a remix of “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” with DaBaby and City Girls.

Atlanta’s rising star BRS Kash has released his debut mixtape Kash Only.

The 12-track project features collaborations with Toosii and Mulatto, as well as a remix of his raunchy hit single “Throat Baby (Go Baby).” On the rework, DaBaby and City Girls join BRS Kash to offer even more explicit lines.

According to BRS Kash, DaBaby and City Girls were his “top picks” to hop on the remix. “So for them to come through with it, it was amazing,” the rapper told Respect Mag. “I was really excited about it, especially when I got the feedback [about the song] from Baby and he was with it.”


The rapper added that Kash Only is a reflection of his musical artistry and his multifaceted personality. “It’s a fun project and I had a lot of fun making it. I just want everybody to have fun listening to it. You get all different types of me on that project.”

Stream Kash Only below:

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