Hear Brockhampton’s new album, ‘Ginger’

The follow-up to ‘Iridescence’ has arrived.

Prolific boyband Brockhampton have released their new album, Ginger, today.

Their fifth record overall and their second for major label RCA Records, the 12-track LP follows their 2018 effort, Iridescence. It also comes four months after member Kevin Abstract dropped his second solo record, ARIZONA baby.

The boyband took August to roll out the red carpet for Ginger, dropping songs in quick succession. The first was “I Been Born Again” on August 2, then “If You Pray Right” and “Boy Bye,” followed by “No Halo” (featuring Deb Never) earlier this week.


All those tracks arrived with videos directed by Spencer Ford, featuring the group’s new uniform for the era: sparkly silver suits that split the difference between painter and astronaut.

How does Ginger stack up to Iridescence? Stream the new album here and decide:


And watch Brockhampton’s latest video for “No Halo” below:

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