Hear Aminé remix Tierra Whack’s “Hungry Hippo”

Real recognize real.

Last November, Aminé tweeted a video of him in the studio, vibing along to a cover he’d recorded of Tierra Whack’s “Hungry Hippo.” A few months and more than 20,000 likes later, he’s dropped the studio version on SoundCloud.

The ONEPOINTFIVE rapper stayed mostly faithful to the Philly rapper’s original hook about “my diamonds and my pearls,” but also added his own bars about being mistaken for Trey Songz and being “high as hell” on South Beach.

Hear Aminé put his spin on “Hungry Hippo” here:


And if you’re hankering for more, check out the other remix he dropped—a rendition of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Hunnybee”:

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