Hear a new song from Pyramid Vritra of Odd Future, Wilma Archer

    “The Hill” comes from ‘Burd,’ their upcoming LP as Wilma Vritra.

    Wilma Archer Pyramid Vritra
    Image: Wilma Vritra official Bandcamp

    Many of the artists involved with the influential hip hop group Odd Future—like Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Syd of The Internet—have gone on to forge their own creative paths. Pyramid Vritra, who co-founded the collective, has begun a new project with British producer Wilma Archer. They’ve just dropped “The Hill,” their latest song as the duo Wilma Vritra.

    Vritra spins evocative, romantic yarns over Archer’s mellow yet off-kilter beat. “How we make it down the hill like that? Oh no,” the rapper remarks. “Need to get back up the hill because the bottom is cold / And my arms won’t work and you just wanna be held / But my words won’t work, had me under your spell.” Singer Laura Groves takes over for the breathy chorus, anchored by piano chords and embellished with squiggles of electric guitar.

    “The Hill” is one of 16 songs on Burd, Wilma Vritra’s debut LP due out April 5. Vritra is also readying a solo album titled Femme, which will drop two weeks after Burd.

    Vibe out to “The Hill” here: