Hear a new posthumous song by The Jacka, “Can’t Go Home”

It features Freddie Gibbs.

The Artist Records and Empire have released “Can’t Go Home,” a posthumous song by the late The Jacka, featuring Freddie Gibbs.

On the introspective track, Jacka spits reflective lines over a throwback beat. “My people lookin’ at me, saying, ‘boy, you made it out’ / But I wasn’t happy ’til we all had the same amount / Pops locked, crack the only thing can save us now / Mom’s hooked, but tough luck is what made my style,” he spits.

Later in the song, Gibbs jumps in with a verse that showcases his soulful vocals: “Since I touched the game, that shit ain’t been the same / They tryna freeze me out but they can’t kill the kane / Make a million every time I drop so fuck the fame / I can put some youngins on your bumper for a piece of change.”

“Can’t Go Home” is the first offering from Murder Weapon, a forthcoming posthumous album of previously unreleased material by The Jacka. The record, due out February 28, features appearances from Curren$y, Styles P, Killah Priest and more.


“It’s as close to what I could present to the world as something he would’ve done,” Jacka’s longtime manager PK previously told KQED. “I had to add some features, or some of the beats were a little messed up and they had to be finished or polished up… This was a full body of work from him that’s like, this is how he would’ve wanted it to be.”

The Jacka was fatally shot in 2015 at 37 years old. Murder Weapon will be the rapper’s first posthumous LP, and the follow-up to 2014’s What Happened to the World.

Listen to “Can’t Go Home” below:


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