Hear a live snippet of a song by Mac Miller, Madlib

‘Maclib’ exists—but the world will likely never hear it in full.

Last month, producer Thelonious Martin let slip that a joint album between Madlib and the late Mac Miller—aka Maclib—exists. And just yesterday, Madlib himself gave a California crowd a glimpse of what he’d cooked up in the studio with the rapper before his untimely death last year.

This past weekend, Madlib played a live DJ set at the Music Box in San Diego, California, where he played an unreleased collab with Miller. Joe Kay—co-founder of the music start-up Soulection—posted to Twitter a video of the Maclib snippet, which apparently also features Thundercat.

“Fuck a bitch, let him watch / Think she the one ’cause I met her at a record shop / We start from a line, just connect the dots,” Miller can be heard rapping.


According to another concertgoer, Twitter user @freebhase, “Madlib made it very clear we would never hear this again.” That figures, considering the producer’s documented dislike for releasing posthumous material.

“Ain’t nobody exploiting my shit. If I was dying in hospital I’d tell my son to go and burn it,” he told Dazed & Confused some years ago, referring to the possibility of posthumously releasing his own unreleased music.

Check out the Maclib track here (along with a snippet of an unreleased collab with Freddie Gibbs, with whom Madlib is readying a joint album for release later this year):


If you miss Miller, pore over this list of eight standout cuts from his extensive catalog.

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