Haviah Mighty shares Black Lives Matter-inspired song, “Protest”

The track also features UK rapper Yizzy.

Canadian rapper Haviah Mighty has dropped a video for “Protest,” a track inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

Grime rapper Yizzy contributes a guest verse on the track, which is set to appear on Mighty’s upcoming mixtape, Stock Exchange.

“They thinking they bad but they never been / They just got a trigger finger and too much too much adrenaline I think it’s my melanin / Is it the skin I’m in that make them wanna turn me to skeleton,” Mighty spits on the powerful bridge.


In the visual, Mighty appears in a T-shirt with a target on it, as well as an outfit reminiscent of the Black Panthers. There are also tightly choreographed dance scenes, and a scene of a race between Black men that turns into a harrowing chase in a dark alley.

“The writing process came very much around the time of the George Floyd murder,” Mighty said of the song in a statement to Rolling Stone. “When that happened, some of these conversations felt and looked very different, because we were in a pandemic and everyone was home. I had never seen the discussion picking up that way in my lifetime. It inspired me to think about it from different perspectives. I was inspired to go to my first protest and see what that energy felt like in real life and contribute to that energy.”

Mighty also recently collaborated with Jalen Santoy on “Way Too Fast,” and TOBi for “Good on My Own.”


Watch the video for “Protest” here:

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