Gucci Mane taps Pooh Shiesty for “Still Remember” video

The 1017 Records rappers show off their lavish lifestyle.

Gucci Mane has joined forces with Pooh Shiesty, who’s signed to Mane’s 1017 Records, for a new single,“Still Remember.”

The duo head to Atlanta in the accompanying clip, where they show off their lavish lifestyle, complete with luxury cars, stacks of cash and flashy jewelry. “Did it myself, ain’t no blemish on my rep / You can come see for yourself / Watch where you step, mumblin’ under your breath / I hold a grudge to the death,” Mane spits.

Meanwhile, Pooh raps about getting a record deal: “Wop came and got me, this shit ain’t no dream / Big Shiesty and Gucci like Shaq and Kareem / I got up and took it, couldn’t wait on a blessing / Shakin’ them dice, tryna roll me a seven.”


“Still Remember” is Gucci’s first release since he announced he would be leaving Atlantic Records, after he sent a tweet calling the company “polite racist.”

Watch the video for “Still Remember” below:

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