Gucci Mane, Lil Pump’s new track “Kept Back” is a chest thumper

The track will appear on Gucci’s upcoming album.

Gucci Mane has dropped a new track “Kept Back,” and it sees Lil Pump slinging his rhymes on a verse.

The track opens with a soft piano movement before a recorder winds its way in. The bass then drops hard, but the wind instrument continues to lazily float in and out throughout the song.

Lil Pump takes the first verse double-time, rapping rapidly about his Maybach and sleeping with someone’s “main ho.” It’d be interesting to see if anyone has a response to this.


Gucci Mane then spits bars about his wealth and success, all the while drawing references to pop culture icons. “Rockstar couple, Cher, Bono / Rock star my life, Muliano / Pull up, ten bricks of that Nelly Furtado / El Gato’s down in The Hamptons / My bitch with blue hair, Marge Simpson / Pull up with the driver in a Phantom / Pinky ring sick, it got cancer,” he rhymes.

This is the second single to drop from Gucci’s upcoming album, Evil Genius. There’s still no release date, but hopefully it’ll land soon.

Listen to “Kept Back” here:


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