Gucci Mane jumps on ILoveMakonnen’s “Spendin’”

This marks the pair’s third collaboration together.

ILoveMakonnen and Gucci Mane reconnect on a light-hearted self-indulgent jam, titled “Spendin’.”

Similar to their previous link-up, 2016’s “Cash Cash,” the track finds both Atlanta rappers detailing their frivolous day-to-day spending over a bouncy beat. They blow their cash at Fendi stores, gamble away in casinos and cover themselves in jewelry from head to toe.

But the highlight comes during Guwop’s verse, where the Evil Genius rap star proclaims himself “Jay-Z of the south” and the “coldest n***a [he] done ever seen.” And if you disagree, Gucci couldn’t care less. “This how I live, fuck friends, fuck opinions (Fuck ’em) / You make mistakes, you made friends, I make millions (Huh? Wop),” he spits.


According to Complex, Makonnen intended “Spendin’” as a fun song that “you can play anywhere.” “It’s about spending money on things you love and spending time with people who hate you,” he said. “People always like to hate when you’re spending.”

Stream “Spendin’” below:

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