GoldLink announces new album with “Joke Ting”

‘Diaspora’ drops next week.

GoldLink’s new album, Diaspora, is on the way. The rapper’s latest single “Joke Ting,” is another glimpse at his upcoming project, out June 12.

Featuring Ari Pensmith, who co-wrote the track alongside GoldLink, “Joke Ting” features a bouncy, laid-back production. But the rappers are anything but chill, lyrically. “I only roll with my day ones / No apron, but my n***as, they will cook you (Yeah) / Don’t let it be you / ’Cause my whole squad on swole, you don’t wanna get involved,” Pensmith rap-sings on the chorus.

“Joke Ting” is a follow-up to last month’s “Zulu Screams,” which is also set to appear on GoldLink’s forthcoming album. Stream his newest song below:


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