Girls support girls in Snow tha Product’s “Say Bitch” MV

Hop in and party up!

Snow tha Product dropped an eye-catching video for “Bilingue” a few weeks back, and now she’s followed up with a visual for her new song “Say Bitch”—a clip first and foremost for the ladies.

The MV was inspired by an encounter Snow had with a less-than-friendly lady on the streets of Los Angeles. This prompted her to drive around inviting ladies into her ongoing limo party to show the love and fun that can occur when women support women instead of tearing each other down.

It’s an apt concept given the song’s lyrics: “You thinkin’ that every bitch that you see compete over guys,” she raps. “Not only am I the type to gas all you bitches up / I know what you goin’ through, you competing over a bum.”


Fans of Snow may even see another video like this again in the future: the “Say Bitch” video ends with a sentence saying “Let’s do it again for ‘Not Today.’” Perhaps that’s a companion track to “Not Tonight” from her 2016 album, Half Way There… Pt 1.

Check out the “Say Bitch” video below.

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