Ghostface Killah throws a celebration in “Party Over Here” MV

The follow-up to his “Conditioning” video.

Ghostface Killah has unveiled a video for “Party Over Here,” the second single from his forthcoming album, Ghostface Killahs.

In the Rock Davis-directed clip, which continues the storyline from “Conditioning,” the Wu-Tang Clan member heads to the clubs to celebrate after his successful mansion heist. The rapper pops bottles of champagne while partying it up with the ladies and his posse.

Both “Party Over Here” and “Conditioning” will be included on Ghostface’s upcoming record, Ghostface Killahs, due out this month. The rapper previously linked up with Czarface on Czarface Meets Ghostface, which featured tracks like “Powers and Stuff” and “Iron Claw.”


Watch the video for “Party Over Here” below:

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