Get to know slowthai’s hometown in his “Gorgeous” MV

Let the rapper show you around the English town of Northampton.

slowthai’s dropped a new video for his latest single, “Gorgeous,” from his forthcoming album, Nothing Great About Britain.

The English rapper (born Tyron Frampton) paints a down-to-earth portrait of his hometown of Northampton, capturing scenes at a boxing gym, pub, football pitch and a McDonald’s. It’s an apt visual for slowthai, who grew up on a council estate he once described to Crack Magazine as “the realest place,” and is aware that his musical success makes him an inspiration for folks from his hometown.

“It shows them that they can do whatever they want, if I can do it,” he told the BBC earlier this year. “The majority of people who know me know the situation I’m from. They can be like, ‘He’s strived, he’s stuck to what he’s doing and he’s got[ten] somewhere.’”


Nothing Great About Britain is out May 17. Watch the video for “Gorgeous” here:

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