G Perico, Wiz Khalifa reimagine Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

Billie Jean is not their lover, either.

G Perico and Wiz Khalifa have teamed up for a remake of Michael Jackson’s iconic 1983 hit, “Billie Jean.”

On the track, the pair deliver raunchy lines over the familiar melody of the MJ classic. “No glove, no love / I could never hit the bitch with no glove / Straight dick, no bubbles in the tub / Champagne down her throat in the club,” Khalifa raps.

Later in the track, Perico provides the song with a reworked—but equally as catchy—chorus: “Billie Jean ain’t my girl / The pattyass shit don’t work in my world / The baby ain’t mine, he look like the homie / And I never even fucked, she just sucked on me.”


“Billie Jean” is the latest release from Perico, who recently collaborated with LNDN DRGS on “Hurt My hand” from the hip hop duo’s Affiliated compilation. On the other hand, Khalifa previously dropped a visual for his song “Alright.”

Listen to G Perico and Wiz Khalifa take on “Billie Jean” here:

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