G Herbo addresses gun violence on “Summer is Cancelled”

“All these new street n***as, they really rotten.”

G Herbo has returned with a passionate new song titled “Summer is Cancelled.”

The rapper addresses the “alarming trend”—as the single’s cover art puts it—of gun violence in his hometown of Chicago. “N***a, you don’t get no points for no innocent bodies / Pussy, you ain’t even hear who you shot at / In the jam, he grabbin’ a bitch to shield his body / All these new street n***as, they really rotten,” he raps over a soulful beat produced by Harry Fraud.

Near the end of the track, Herbo delivers a heartfelt spoken outro, calling for attention to the innocent lives lost. “If I love you, I’m hittin’ you in your shit cause that shit over with,” he says. “All them holes in the walls, all that weak ass shit where n***as putting them calls through, texting, all that goofy shit, man. N***as gotta play it by the rules, man.”


Check out “Summer is Cancelled” here:

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