G-Eazy channels the Joker in video for “I Wanna Rock”

It also features Gunna.

G-Eazy has released a seemingly Joker-inspired clip for his new single, “I Wanna Rock,” featuring Gunna.

The video opens on the straitjacketed Bay Area rapper as he’s wheeled down the halls of a psychiatric institution. However, he’s able to convince one of the female doctors to help him escape. The duo then team up with Gunna and steal millions from an armored bank truck.

G-Eazy and Gunna then throw a lavish party in their underground lair. The rappers make it rain dollar bills as ladies twerk and pole dance around them. “I feel better that I made it in / Louis sweater on my new bitch, she Canadian / We gon’ let the haters hate again / Top blown, while we speedin’ in the latest Benz,” G-Eazy raps.


“I Wanna Rock” will appear on G-Eazy’s forthcoming EP, Scary Nights, due out tomorrow. The rapper previously teamed up with E-40 on “No Rappers” and Nef the Pharaoh on “Too Loud,” new additions to his B-Sides project.

Watch the video for “I Wanna Rock” here:

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