Future springs surprise song “Scammalot” shortly after ‘Beast Mode 2’

The rapper is going back to his industrious ways.

Future is back in the limelight with the unexpected release of a new track, “Scammalot.” It lands less than a month after his Beast Mode 2 mixtape.

“Scammalot” features smooth-flowing trap beats and the rapper slinging rhymes about his baby mamas, strippers and, of course, drugs. It was released via Stereogum, which has been the rapper’s go-to outlet since experiencing unauthorized leaks. Very little else is known about the production, so we’ll have to wait to see who ends up on the credits.

Future is known to be a busy musician, with a double release in 2017—both of which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. And after a quick break earlier this year, it looks like the wordsmith is back to his old ways. We wouldn’t be surprised if he drops another track in a week or two. Keep your eyes peeled.


Listen to “Scammalot” here:

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