Freddie Gibbs returns with video for “Big Boss Rabbit”

It samples a classic Mike Tyson speech.

Freddie Gibbs has returned with a video for his new single, “Big Boss Rabbit.”

The Swaggyono-produced song opens with a sample of a 1989 speech from boxer Mike Tyson: “And I’m just convinced, you know what I mean? / These fellas, how dare them challenge me / With their somewhat primiti-primitive skills / They’re just as good as dead.”

Gibbs takes over from there with braggadocious bars about his luxurious lifestyle and recent Grammy nomination, all over a sample of Nas’ 2001 song “You’re Da Man.” In the accompanying video, the rapper makes it rain dollar bills at a private strip club while shooting a couple rounds of pool with his posse.


“Kane Train reckless, bitch, we runnin’ shit / Just touched down in the airport, Louis V backpack full of them hundreds, bitch / Cleaner than McQueen, ho, I’m a gangster, not no lover, bitch / Grammy afterparty bitch, we rock it like we won it, bitch,” he spits.

Earlier this year, Gibbs unveiled the deluxe edition of 2014’s Piñata, his first collaborative album with Madlib. Back in 2019, the duo continued their creative relationship with their sophomore album Bandana.

Watch the video for “Big Boss Rabbit” below:


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