Flo Milli unleashes glamorous video for “Like That Bitch”

From her ‘Ho, Why is You Here?’ EP.

Flo Milli has released a video for her latest single, “Like That Bitch.”

In the vibrant clip, directed by Sara Lacombe, the Alabama rapper shows off various glamorous outfits and addresses her haters at a press conference. “Bitch, you broke, you financed / Big top, small legs, bitch built like a wine glass / Talking all that shit but she can’t see me with her blind ass / Her boyfriend in my DMs saying, ‘Ooh, I need your fine ass,’” she brags.

“Like That Bitch” will appear on Flo’s upcoming debut EP, Ho, Why is You Here?, which will also include the previously released songs “Eat it Up,” “Not Friendly” and “My Attitude.”

Ho, Why is You Here? is due out later this month. While you wait for the EP’s release, watch the video for “Like That Bitch” below:



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