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Five weirdest news stories in music: March 2019

Five weirdest news stories in music: March 2019
L-R: Post Malone (Brandon Nagy / Shutterstock.com), Chance the Rapper (Julio Enriquez / Flickr)

Break-up or make-up, fights or friendships, shit-talking and shit-stirring—the music industry’s got it any day of the week you want it. Any observer of the news cycle, no matter how casual, knows that there’s no shortage of drama or weirdness in music. Here’s some strange stories from March’s headlines that had us both befuddled and entertained.

Kodak Black tries to get a rise out of Lil Wayne

Just two years ago, Kodak Black and Lil Wayne made the song “Codeine Dreaming” together. But earlier this month, Black had some strong insults for the veteran rapper. While performing at the club LIV in Miami, Black stopped “Codeine Dreaming” halfway through, remarking, “Where Lil Wayne at? Maggot, you should have died when you was a baby.” Weezy himself hasn’t said a word, though—if Black was trying to start beef, it didn’t work.

Yelawolf ignites beef with other white rappers

While hyping up his new album, Trunk Muzik III, Yelawolf made a bid for the rap spotlight by dropping the “Bloody Sunday” freestyle, which was chock-full of roasts of fellow white rappers like G-Eazy and Post Malone. The latter responded by derisively calling Yelawolf “dad” and “a nerd,” even going so far as to post an old screenshot of Yelawolf reacting positively to Posty’s music on Instagram. “lmk when your band is done with your dookie and wants to play some actual good music,” Posty sneered. Whew.

Lady Gaga crashes Limp Bizkit frontman’s jazz night

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit—yes, the nu metal group—has hosted a jazz night at a Los Angeles club for a few years now, something most of the world was unaware of… until Lady Gaga crashed the event two weeks ago. She performed some Frank Sinatra covers, which she usually whips out for her Jazz and Piano shows in her ongoing Las Vegas residency. Lady Gaga, Fred Durst and Frank Sinatra are not names we—or anybody—expected to see strung together in a sentence, but we’ll listen to Mother Monster belting “Fly Me to the Moon” anyday.

Chance the Rapper speculates about Earth and dinosaurs on Twitter

Rappers are human beings, just like us—which means they sometimes take to Twitter to ask weird questions. Last week, Chance the Rapper took a quick break from his music and work in Chicago activism to ask the internet just how old Earth really is, and what was happening on the planet a million years ago. His queries were equal parts curious and facetious, which made for a fun if confusing episode for Chano’s Twitter followers.

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor drops a rap verse

It’s not all that surprising that Corey Taylor can rap: He spit bars on a Tech N9ne song in 2015, and rapped on early Slipknot records (see “Spit it Out,” for example). But not many people expected to see Taylor drop a guest verse on “Stuck in My Ways” by British rapper Kid Bookie, and far fewer expected the collaboration to have come about as a result of an earnest request on Twitter.