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Five weirdest news stories in music: January 2019

Five weirdest news stories in music: January 2019
L-R: Soulja Boy (hurricanehank / Shutterstock.com), Lil Pump (Nabil Elderkin / Warner Bros)

Break-up or make-up, fights or friendships, shit-talking and shit-stirring—the music industry’s got it any day of the week you want it. Any observer of the news cycle, no matter how casual, knows that there’s no shortage of drama or weirdness in music. Here’s five strange stories from the headlines that got 2019 off to a rollicking start.

“Gucci Gang” supergroup to grace Coachella 2019

If you’re headed to Coachella this year, be sure to pencil this one in. The megafestival has assembled a supergroup themed around the inescapable 2017 hit, “Gucci Gang”: Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and Gucci Mane himself will take the stage together.

A Boogie wit da Hoodie sets record for lowest-selling number one album

The rise of music streaming has upended the way charts and certifications work—and that was patently obvious from the dubious record A Boogie wit da Hoodie achieved last month. His digital-only album, Hoodie Szn, topped the Billboard 200 with only 823 full copies sold that sales week, becoming the lowest-selling record to hit number one. But the New York rapper wasn’t fazed: “I don’t give a fuck,” he told Everyday Struggle, “Because I just went brazy.”

Soulja Boy brings on the braggadocio on The Breakfast Club

All eyes might be on Tory Lanez now when it comes to juicy rap beef, but let’s not forget that it was Soulja Boy who got 2019 off to a braggadocious start on The Breakfast Club. In an interview that will live on in infamy, Young Drako called himself the “godfather of hip hop” and demanded multiple A-listers—Kanye West and Drake among them—recognize his influence.

Cardi B’s government shutdown rant gets remixed

The US government shutdown has ended, but this remix is forever. The people behind “Bed Intruder Song” (remember that earworm?) worked their magic on Cardi B’s righteous Instagram rant on federal employees working without pay, turning it into a social media banger that’ll bring a smile to your face anytime.

Teen who tried to steal a plane to see Famous Dex sentenced

Last month, we finally found out what happened to Famous Dex’s most dedicated fan—that is, the Arkansas teenager who tried to steal a plane to see the rapper in concert. Zemarcuis Scott’s Independence Day caper ended in arrest, and five years of felony probation.