Fan spots André 3000 playing the flute at the airport

File this under #wholesome.

What do you do to kill time while waiting for your flight at the airport? Some of us read a book, make use of the free WiFi or snooze in the free-to-use lounges. But for André 3000, aka André Benjamin, he’d rather play the flute.

On Friday, the OutKast rapper was spotted wandering around the Los Angeles airport playing the flute by NPR radio producer and fan Antonia Cereijido, who documented the surprise encounter on Twitter.

In her viral tweet, Cereijido explained that she’d heard a man playing the musical instrument for 40 minutes but wasn’t sure if was indeed Benjamin at first. “I was losing my mind because I thought it was André 3000. And then it WAS,” she wrote.


Despite being too flustered to tell Benjamin how “good his verse on [the Frank Ocean song] ‘Solo’ is,” Cereijido still managed to snag a quick selfie with the man himself. She even confirmed in a follow-up tweet that the rapper was playing a handmade Mayan double flute.

Check out Cereijido’s series of tweets below:


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