Eminem dances among corpses in the video for “Framed”

Not for the faint of heart, the grisly clip follows a deranged Em as he escapes from a mental hospital.

Eminem yesterday dropped the video for “Framed,” a track off his 2017 LP, Revival. It’s a gory, manic clip that depicts Em losing his marbles in a home that’s fit to set the stage for a horror flick.

The rapper plays a patient of an insane asylum who escapes and barricades himself in a house littered with corpses and body parts. He’s being framed for murder, he raps as he jumps rope with intestines and fiddles with dismembered hands. Sure. But, (spoiler alert), the video suggests Slim Shady was indeed crazy all along, and it all ends with him getting locked up again.

Watch the video here:


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