Elcamino, Benny the Butcher link up for “Venice Beach”

From Elcamino’s new album, ‘Don’t Eat the Fruit.’

Elcamino and Benny the Butcher have linked up for a gritty single, “Venice Beach.”

Produced by Dirty Diggs, the song coasts on classic street hip hop sounds. Elcamino raps, “I callin’ hits with my mouth closed / The trap got the house cold / All white bricks, we call it the South Pole / Rolex watches, me and City both got ’em / I caught real cases but I never spoke ’bout ’em.”

The song is taken from Elcamino’s new album, Don’t Eat the Fruit, out now. It also features Conway, Mayhem Lauren, CRIMEAPPLE and other members of the Griselda Records clique.


Stream “Venice Beach” and the rest of Don’t Eat the Fruit below:

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