EarthGang unveil Halloween-ready video for “Up”

A cut from the duo’s latest album, ‘Mirrorland.’

EarthGang have dropped a creepy video for “Up,” a cut from their major label debut, Mirrorland.

In the clip, a young boy wanders away from his class during a field trip to the museum. He touches a mysterious painting of the rap duo, which is in a closed-off section of the building, and is transported into an alternate dimension.

Terrifying monsters start popping up and they chase the boy around the museum. But he’s saved by EarthGang’s Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, futuristic cyborgs who give the boy the ability to control the monsters. The visual ends with the boy waking up in his own world as EarthGang, now in janitors’ garb, watch over him.


EarthGang’s Mirrorland LP arrived in September. The duo recently joined Tiana Major9 on “Collide,” from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Queen & Slim, and collaborated with Bas on “Jollof Rice.”

Watch the video for “Up” here:

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