Earl Sweatshirt releases short film, ‘Nowhere, Nobody’

Featuring multiple tracks from ‘Some Rap Songs.’

Yesterday, Earl Sweatshirt followed up his acclaimed record, Some Rap Songs, with an equally singular short film, Nowhere, Nobody.

Clocking in at eight and a half minutes, the visual was written and directed by filmmakers Naima Ramos-Chapman (And Nothing Happened) and Terence Nance (HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness). It opens with Earl and his friends playing ball to “Nowhere2go,” but the exuberant mood subsides when the rapper gets home.

What follows is a string of evocative sequences, soundtracked by snippets from Some Rap Songs—Earl surveys art in a museum-like setting, a woman holds a green-eyed baby, the rapper piles up couches in his house, and more.


Watch the short film below:

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