Dumbfoundead heads towards the “Pink Bleu Dawn”

From the rapper’s ‘Cafe Bleu’ EP.

Dumbfoundead has dropped a trippy MV for “Pink Bleu Dawn,” from his 2018 Cafe Bleu EP.

The clip finds the heavily bandaged Korean-American rapper stumbling along the streets of Seoul, looking like he just escaped an asylum—dressed in a tattered hospital gown and rolling an IV drip stand. As he trudges along, the sky above slowly saturates from a dull blue to bright neon pink.

“Funny story about this video, I shot this in Seoul, Korea in an area that has some of the most plastic surgery clinics in the world,” the rapper tweeted. “So I actually didn’t look that crazy at all walking around like this, in fact I saw two other people bandaged up.”


Watch the video for “Pink Bleu Dawn” below:

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