Duckwrth releases animated video for “Find a Way”

Featuring Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee and BAYLI.

Duckwrth has released an adorable animated video for his latest single, “Find a Way,” featuring Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee and BAYLI.

The clip follows CGI versions of the artists as they explore what seems to be an abandoned city. They journey past waterfalls, deserts and a lush forest before discovering a futuristic city that recalls Black Panther’s fictional country of Wakanda.

“In this journey we call life, us as humans will inevitably fall off the path,” Duckwrth told Variance of the song. “Sometimes due to forces outside of our control. But we always find our way. This is the theme song to Our Comeback. Let’s ‘Find a Way.’”

“Find a Way” is Duckwrth’s latest release, following his 2019 song “Crush.” Last year, the rapper also released his The Falling Man EP and its accompanying short film.


Watch the video for “Find a Way” here:


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