Dua Saleh drops animated music video for “Hellbound”

Their ‘Rosetta’ EP is on the way.

Dua Saleh has returned with a video for their new single, “Hellbound.”

On the song, Saleh introduces a new alter ego, Lucifer Labelle, who spits bars about an admirer who gets ensnared by the rapper’s deadly charms. “Bitch you on my dick you must be spellbound / Got these birdies singing making frail sounds / Girl you caught in Lucifer Labelle town,” they spit on the chorus.

The accompanying visual compiles footage from the anime series Devilman Crybaby, which provides an epic story to match Saleh’s fiery bars.


“‘Hellbound’ is a satirical song that critiques religious institutions,” Saleh explained on Instagram. “A new persona is introduced named Lucifer Labelle. This character manifested as a result of people telling me that I would go to hell for being queer. Lucifer Labelle brandishes queer identity smugly in the face of religious zealots.”

Saleh is scheduled to release their new EP, Rosetta, later this year. Prior to “Hellbound,” they dropped the song “Pretty Kitten.”

Watch the video for “Hellbound” below:


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