Drake’s high school notebook is reportedly up for auction

It can be yours for a cool $35,000.

It seems like Drake’s past has come back to haunt him—in the form of a blue notebook filled with teenage scribblings like lyrics and wishlists.

As reported by TMZ, the rare piece of memorabilia has been put up for sale by New York-based auction company Moments in Time. Priced at a cool $35,000, the notebook dates back to Drizzy’s high school days and contains an array of handwritten lyrics, not to mention teenage wishlists for a Lacoste jacket and other must-buy fashion items of the time.

According to Page Six, the notebook was initially discovered in a dumpster behind Drake’s grandfather’s furniture factory. Since then, two other similar notebooks have been sold for undisclosed amounts.


The notebook currently up for auction gives a glimpse into the “Back to Back” rapper’s earliest attempts at diss tracks, as evident from lines to a song titled “Smell Pussy”: “Shlohman’s a pussy, Johnny’s a snitch / You and Rosenblatt are like Abercrombie and bitch.” Tasteless? Well, Drake was just a high schooler then.

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