Drakeo the Ruler drops feature-heavy “Stincs Got You Mad” MV

With appearances from IceWear Vezzo and KrispyLife Kidd.

Drakeo the Ruler is back with a video for “Stincs Got You Mad,” his collab with IceWear Vezzo and KrispyLife Kidd.

The accompaniment video stars Drakeo and his Stinc Team members—Ralfy the Plug, Ketchy the Great, SaysoTheMac, Bambino, Good Finesse and Young Bull—together at the studio. “The Stincs got you mad / The Stincs got the bag / The Stincs is the reason they gon’ put you in a bag / You are not from the streets, n***a, just rap,” Drakeo spits.

“Stincs Got You Mad” is Drakeo’s first release since his comeback project, We Know the Truth, which dropped less than a month after his triumphant release from prison. That album features songs such as “Mardi Gras” and “Fights Don’t Matter.”


Watch the video for “Stincs Got You Mad” below:

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