Drakeo the Ruler celebrates freedom with “Fights Don’t Matter”

Heralding the new project ‘We Know the Truth.’

Drakeo the Ruler is free—and he’s more than ready to return to music. Days after his release from prison, the rapper has shared a video for new song “Fights Don’t Matter.”

According to journalist Jeff Weiss, who has been covering the story of Drakeo’s incarceration, Drakeo recorded the song “three hours after leaving the Compton Courthouse—from scrawled lyrics written while caged in solitary to a video in 96 hours.”


“Fights Don’t Matter,” which was produced by Thank You Fizzle and Al B Smoove, is Drakeo’s first single from his upcoming project We Know the Truth. Though there is no confirmed release date, in a separate tweet, Weiss said that the rapper “has almost finished an entire album.”

Drakeo was released from prison on Wednesday after accepting a plea deal offered by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for time served. He was acquitted of all charges of murder and attempted murder.

We Know the Truth will be Drakeo’s follow-up to the mixtape Thank You for Using GTL, a mixtape he recorded while behind bars and released in June. While you wait for more details on the new Drakeo project, watch the video for “Fights Don’t Matter” here:


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