Drake jumps on remix of MC Kevin o Chris’ “Ela é do Tipo”

A melancholic update to the Brazilian act’s baile funk hit.

Drake has breathed new life into Brazilian artist MC Kevin o Chris’ hit song, “Ela é do Tipo,” which means “She is the Type.”

The remix, released on Drizzy’s label OVO Sound, opens with the Canadian rapper’s guest verse where he spends yearning for a love he can’t have. “First time we fucked was at my place, it was a couple years late / But it was fate and I think you feel good about it,” he raps. “Not fair, it’s not right, it’s impractical / For you to leave that man and come and just be mine.” Drake later reappears to duet with Chris on the infectious chorus.

Chris announced their collaboration on his Instagram yesterday, saying it was an honor to have Drake remix his song. “Today I can say that a great dream was fulfilled, having my idol recording a composition of mine by my side! I can only thank… @champagnepapi,” Chris wrote.

Listen to the “Ela é do Tipo” remix below:



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