Drake drops new music to celebrate Toronto Raptors’ NBA victory

Hear “Omertà” and “Money in the Grave,” featuring Rick Ross.

A few days ago, the Toronto Raptors beat San Francisco’s Golden State Warriors to secure their first ever NBA championship. As you can imagine, the 6 exploded with euphoria—and so did Toronto’s top dog, Drake, who promised to drop new music in celebration. Now, he’s delivered with The Best in the World Pack, consisting of brand-new songs “Omertà” and the Rick Ross-assisted “Money in the Grave.”

Some context for those unacquainted with Drizzy’s undying love for the Raptors: In 2013, the rapper became an ambassador for the basketball team, and has been a fixture at their home games since. This past season, he’s caught some flak for his courtside theatrics and exaggerated displays of support for the Raptors, and even become the subject of a superstitious meme: “the Drake curse.”

Well, the curse has definitely been broken. Hear Drake’s new songs below.


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