Don’t miss IDK’s vibrant short film, ‘IWASVERYBAD’

The rapper reimagines his Maryland upbringing, warts and all.

Last year, IDK released his debut album, IWASVERYBAD. Now, the Maryland rapper has unveiled a short film that strings together a few songs from the project, including “Pizza Shop Extended” and “Windows Up.”

Directed by Jaimie Sanchez and the rapper himself, the film fictionalizes the scenes and stories from IDK’s childhood as chronicled in IWASVERYBAD, from feeling like an outcast in the school system, to a police raid at his home, to a robbery at the pizza shop. What keeps the 14-minute visual engrossing throughout is its experimental style: A pink-hued sky turns stark suburbia surreal, while psychedelic editing transforms a party into a rager.

There’s a follow-up to this film on the way, and we can likely expect more ambitious visuals from IDK. As he told Noisey, “I want the world to understand that when it comes to art, all the way around, that’s something I’ve always been serious about.”


Watch the film below:

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