Doja Cat teases new album inspired by dancehall and Afrobeat

“I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Doja Cat is already working on a follow-up to her sophomore album Hot Pink, and it’s expected to feature some dancehall- and Afrobeat-inspired material.

In a recent conversation with MTV, Doja confirmed that her third album was already in the works, though she plans on releasing the project as a surprise. “I have my album coming, but I can’t say when,” she teased. “I really wanna make it a surprise. I don’t wanna say too much.”

However, Doja did reveal that her upcoming record will be very “fun” and “similar” to 2019’s Hot Pink, “in the sense that each of the songs do have their own kind of personality and sound.” She added that it will also feature elements of dancehall, Afrobeat, funk and even house. “I’m trying to cover all bases is what I’m saying,” the rapper said. “I’m having a lot of fun doing this album and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Doja Cat gushed about her recent win at the 2020 MTV VMAs, where she bagged the award for Best New Artist. “I usually say I don’t care about these kinda things but I actually do,” she admitted. “It means that there are people out there who enjoy my music and they care about me, the craft and what I’m doing. That’s amazing because I just enjoy doing it, period.”

In July, Doja released collaborations with Anne-Marie and City Girls. That same month, the rapper also revealed that she had tested positive for the coronavirus, but has since recovered. The results came after she’d joked about the pandemic and its threats on social media earlier in the year.

While you wait for more details about her new album, check out Doja’s full interview with MTV below:


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