DJ Premier shares unreleased Gang Starr song, “Glowing Mic”

It appears on the instrumental version of ‘One of the Best Yet.’

DJ Premier has released a never-before-heard Gang Starr song called “Glowing Mic.”

The track appears on the newly released instrumental version of the duo’s 2019 album, One of the Best Yet, and features a laid-back verse from MC Guru, who passed away in 2010. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Preemo explained that he built the beat around Guru’s lines, which had initially been recorded for another song called “Mr Gang Starr.”

“Since the song ‘Mr Gang Starr’ was previously released after we hadn’t worked together in so long, I noticed the multitrack session said, ‘Mr Gang Starr (Original Version),’” Premier told RS. “The lyrics and the hook are totally different, so I gravitated to it and I didn’t want to use the same title and confuse people.”


“My search for scratch ideas landed me across a song I produced for Torae, ‘For the Record,’ in 2011. The line says, ‘I destroy the mic for my glow.’ Instantly ‘Glowing Mic’ became the title simply from hearing that line,” he added.

One of the Best Yet arrived last November, and was the first Gang Starr album since 2003’s The Ownerz. The 2019 LP featured songs such as “Bad Name” and the J Cole-assisted “Family and Loyalty.”

Listen to “Glowing Mic” below:


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