Desiigner releases melodic “Earned Iit”

The rapper also dropped his own remix of Blueface’s “Thotiana.”

Desiigner is announcing his official comeback with the breezy single, “Earned Iit.”

The smooth track incorporates tinny synths, finger snaps and strong bass. “Yeah, I’m back, you thought I was gone / I was away for three years long / Gettin’ that money, I’m sick of these n***as / Stop actin’ funny, I had to get it ’cause I earned it,” he raps on the chorus, seemingly referencing both the time since his breakout hit song “Panda” and his recent feud with his label, GOOD Music.

He also jumped on the Blueface wave, dropping his own remix of “Thotiana.” Desiigner’s rendition is the latest in a string of remixes, including two official releases featuring Cardi B and YG, respectively. His take on the hit track features a quick line calling GOOD Music’s founder Kanye West “crazy.”


Desiigner previously released “Overseas” with Lil Pump last November. Listen to his new tracks below.

“Earned Iit”:


“Thotiana” remix:

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