DeJ Loaf highlights single mothers in video for “Bubbly”

Her first release as an independent artist.

DeJ Loaf has returned with a video for her new single, “Bubbly.”

The clip highlights single black mothers doing their best to support their families. The visual shuffles through the stories of a pregnant woman, a young mother and an elderly woman. The clip also features some surreal effects, such as floating, disembodied arms pouring champagne and a man trying to drag DeJ down as she hovers in the air.

“Bubbly” is the first taste of DeJ’s forthcoming album, Sell Sole II, which arrives later this year. It is also the Detroit rapper’s first release as an independent artist.

“So happy to be back releasing my music and vision independently! So much goes on behind the scenes and I rarely speak on it because I’m still in it to win it!” DeJ announced on Instagram. “I didn’t want to release this record/album without getting in tune with my true fans again! This record is special to me. Consider this as a chapter from my book.”


Watch the video for “Bubbly” below:


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